The Best TV of 2022

  Rian Johnson Takes TV – Inside the Oscar Race – Samantha Morton Speaks Up View in your browser | Update your preferences   The Best TV of 2022 Today, we give you 23 reasons to believe in television with our list of the best shows of 2022. Our team’s choices are eclectic and proudly … Read more

Employee Benefit Plans Alert | Winter 2022

Click here if you are having trouble viewing this message.   Employee Benefit Plans Alert Winter 2022 By Louis F. LiBrandi, Principal and Anthony Bianchi, Tax Supervisor   This edition of Employee Benefit Alerts focuses on the following topics: Tax Exempt & Government Entities – Compliance Program and Priorities Determination Letter Program for 403(b) Plans … Read more

🕎 An ode to the Festival of Lights

I appreciate the holiday’s ability to bring people together. The Daily Reader Hanukkah starts Sunday night. The holiday meant a lot to me as a child and less and less in the ensuing years. Now, I mostly worry about finding enough candles for my menorah to get me through eight nights. I do love that … Read more

December Investor Newsletter: 2022 By the Numbers

Friends of Greentown,What a year 2022 has been! Building on an increase in SPACs and historic venture activity in climatetech from 2021, to a market   View this email in your browser Friends of Greentown, What a year 2022 has been! From building on an increase in SPACs and historic venture activity in climatetech from … Read more

MPLS Public Schools face fiscal crisis

Plus … Rain doesn’t stop the 1975 fans from camping out overnight at the Armory. Today’s forecast Cloudy day with occasional showers. Temps steady in the upper 30s. Rain and snow this evening.   ☁️❄️☁️❄️☁️❄️☁️     Minneapolis Public Schools facing ‘fiscal crisis’ The state’s third-largest school district is approaching an “impending fiscal crisis.” That’s … Read more

Your Chicago politics tour guide is here

Step right up, folks Hello, everybody. Ben Joravsky here. I will be your tour guide, at least for this brief tour of my part of this great enterprise.  I’m the old guy at the Reader. Been a Reader writer for over 40 years. My first article was published during the Carter administration. I know what … Read more

Posthaste: Recession on the way, but all is not lost for investors

Equities to benefit from markets already pricing in recession, IG Wealth says View this email in your browser Good morning!   A recession is likely in the cards next year, but that doesn’t mean investors are facing an unwanted sequel to a dismal 2022.   Equity and fixed-income markets could be headed for better returns … Read more

Why aren’t all seniors online?

Read this in your browser Donate to OATS Reaching the largest demographic Age continues to be one of the strongest predictors of digital non-participation: fewer than 60% of American seniors have wireline broadband access at home, which in the current public health crisis can have serious consequences. As Baby Boomers age into retirement, the number … Read more

You’ll need cash to burn to install a heat pump

Plus: Kitimat is Boomtown, B.C. as the promises of LNG look set to be fulfilled View this email in your browser Good morning.   My household is at an energy-transition crossroad. Two crossroads, actually.   Our century-old semi-detached house in Toronto’s West End needs a new heating system. It also needs a new cooling system. … Read more