MAGA outrageousness in Tennessee

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For the last few days, I’ve watched in mounting disbelief the audacious overreach of the MAGA 65.

That’s the 65 Trump-loving Republican state representatives in Tennessee who voted as a bloc to expel two Democrats for taking a stand on behalf of sane gun laws. This all in the wake of yet another insane schoolhouse shooting, killing three students and three adults in Nashville.

Yes, expelled. As in MAGA kicked out Representatives Justin Jones and Justin Pearson, disenfranchising the thousands of voters in their districts who were suddenly left without representation. (Jones was eventually reinstated.)

Until then, I didn’t even know expulsion was an option. I’ve been watching politics my whole life and never seen anything like it, not even right here in Chicago which is known for bossy Bosses who tolerate no dissent.

The MAGA 65 were upset because Representatives Jones and Pearson had momentarily disrupted legislative proceedings by yelling over a bullhorn.

Oh, poor little MAGA babies. Feeling so disrespected. 

Man, these little snowflakes wouldn’t last a day in Chicago. Over the years we saw Alderperson Bernie Stone call Alderperson Luis Gutierrez a “pipsqueak”. We saw Mayor Harold Washington threaten to punch out Alderperson Eddie Vrdolyak (who probably deserved it—just saying). And we saw Mayor Lightfoot step down from the podium and get in the face of Alderperson Jeanette Taylor—who did not back down.

So I’ve seen some city council ruckus. But expel an alderperson? Not even old Boss Daley tried that. Though he was known to turn an alderperson’s mike off from time to time.

House Speaker Michael Madigan, a stern floor leader, never tried expulsion. I recall former state representative Mike Bost, a far-right Republican, throwing a monumental hissy fit against Madigan on the house floor, tossing papers in the air and bellowing: “I’m sick of this!”

Far worse than anything that happened down in Tennessee. But Madigan just laughed it off.

Okay, Madigan did call a vote to remove former state representative Darren Bailey from the premises. But this was during the height of COVID and Bailey was refusing to don a mask. As soon as Bailey put on a mask, he was allowed back in. Though I have a feeling that even the Republicans were secretly happy when the old sour puss was gone from the premises.

What went down in Tennessee is just another example of MAGA hypocrisy. They go on and on about freedom and liberty, but, of course, that just means freedom and liberty for them.

Got a free election that elects Joe Biden over Trump? MAGA reserves the right to overturn it. When the courts won’t let them get away with that, they invade the Capitol, and threaten to kill Mike Pence unless he makes Trump emperor for life.

And now the expulsion of legislators who offend them. Sounds pretty “woke” to me.

Thank goodness I live in the Land of Lincoln where democracy rules. Though we had our own little fling with extremism as thousands and thousands of Chicagoans decided to vote for the MAGA sympathizer in last week’s mayoral election. 

Hope you got that out of your system, Chicago. You probably forgot how serious this fight is. Perhaps MAGA’s outrageousness in Tennessee will bring you back to your senses.

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