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Hi Reader,

When we first sat down to discuss how the Reader could survive as a nonprofit, we knew that membership would need to be at the heart of everything. And when we asked, “Who will these members be?,” the answer was obvious:

The founding members would be our most loyal readers, for whom the Reader is an essential part of their Chicago experience.

We were thinking of people like Leo, from Lakeview, who told us that he became a member because, “I’ve been reading this thing since I was a teenager. Not willing to simply let it go.”

Does that sound like you? If so, you should be a member, too.

It’s the love and loyalty of people like Leo that’s gotten us to more than 1,600 members this year. But we know there are more of you out there—lots more.

If you are an old-school Reader loyalist, or a new-school believer, you should become a member.

All members receive early access to the new issues, discounted entry to Reader-sponsored events, as well as extras and surprises. You can pay what you want, and cancel at any time.

But most importantly, as member you’ll know you’re part of the amazing crew of unique, dedicated supporters who make it possible for Chicago to have (in my humble opinion) the best alternative newspaper in the country.

Monthly memberships start at just $5 a month. And now through December 31, you can save 20% on an annual membership.

If you’re a Reader believer, we want you on the team. Now’s your chance to join.

Ann Scholhamer
VP of Operations

P.S. If you were at the Reader anniversary celebration last month, you may have noticed some pretty cool lapel pins being sported at the event. These pins are just one small reward for those heroes who help keep the Reader free for everyone: our members. Become a member today and we’ll send one of these beauties your way.


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